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What makes a great landscape company?
A note from our founder; Tim McKernan…

In the 70’s my father started a nursery called The Bamboo Jungle and in a short time became a very successful landscape designer and contractor in Miami. Years later after dad had passed, there seemed to be a void of high-quality landscaping services miami in the area so I founded Tropical Palm Gardens with the intention of setting a new standard of service and workmanship in the industry. We successfully managed and maintained 100’s of accounts for more than 10 years when I was invited to do a Masters Program in Landscape Architecture at FIU and a decision was made. I sold the company and focused three years on immersing myself in cutting edge landscape design. Today we are rebranded and the company has evolved to offer the best in design, customer service and the entire landscape experience in Miami to the Florida Keys. Welcome to TurfTim Landscapes.

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Design & Installation

We integrate creative concepts in modern landscape design with the practical needs of the customer and each intended use of the application. Our design and installation teams create a vast array of projects including walkways, steps, retaining walls, patios, ponds, ...

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Garden Care & Estate Maintenance

Our teams will give you whatever level of service you desire; from daily gardening and detailing to quick “mow, blow and go” service. Together, we can design a program that is right for your property while our teams will arrive ...

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Landscaping requires creativity. 

We integrate creative concepts as part of a modern, Miami landscape design with the practical needs of the customer and each use of the application. We believe in offering more than just the basic maintenance and provide the highest level of maintenance service. Miami’s Turftim landscaping services include design and integration with cutting edge concepts, balanced transition and relatable ideas. We also offer professional garden care and estate maintenance, irrigation and drainage, and tree maintenance. With Turftim landscapes you don’t have to worry. The TurfTim landscape design miami professionals hold all the necessary licenses to take care of your project from beginning to end. While based in Miami, our landscaping company services all the way south to Islamorada and delivers on all fronts, from irrigation and lawn care to lighting, hardscapes, waterscapes and everything in between. Our creative designers are experts in their field, making us the most promising landscaping company Miami. We will give wings to your dreams of a beautiful and functional yard.

Why You Should Choose TurfTim Landscapes?

All-in-one landscaping services- Running to different landscapers for every landscape issue in your yard could be annoying. We provide comprehensive services and do all the timely maintenance required for each outdoor project. Our goal is to build and maintain a landscape that completely suits your lifestyle. Experts in Landscaping- We take pride in delivering services for over 30 years. The trust people in Miami, Broward and the Keys have shown in us, has always encouraged us to push our limitations to another level and work beyond expectations. Licensed and Insured- We are fully Licensed and Insured and maintain a certified arborist as a part of the team. This fosters our sales and helps us to take responsibility, right from the start to the end of the project. Unique Design- Your preferred style may be Tropical or Formal, Asian or Mediterranean… At TurfTim Landscapes, our designers guarantee a unique and customized design that suits your specific taste and complements the architecture of your home in landscape architech miami. We care – Yes! A percentage of our every project is applied toward those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Who are we?

Tim McKernan has been involved in the landscaping industry since the early 70’s when his father started with a nursery called The Bamboo Jungle. In a very short time, the family business became a successful Landscape contractor in Miami and all over South Florida. Fast forward to the 2000’s and the company is rebranded as a leading landscape design firm and landscape contractor with credits all over Miami, Miami beach, Ocean Reef and throughout the Carribean. We are a Landscape company you can trust and are dedicated to providing customers with an amazing landscape experience. We strive to keep on top of the latest products and trends while remaining focused on our environmental responsibilities. Our goal is to grow one customer at a time.

Irrigation and Drainage

Having issues with your sprinkler system? We can help! South Florida is notorious for dry spells several times throughout the year and a working system is vital to the health of your garden. Our team is experienced in servicing all major types of irrigation systems.

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Tree Maintenance

You can dramatically improve the look and feel of your landscape with the proper trimming and pruning of your trees. Mature trees often have years of character and architecture waiting to be displayed just beneath the overgrowth of vegetation. Our fully insured team has the tools and experience for both ...

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Let Us Solve Your Next Landscape Dilemma.

Why You Should Choose TurfTim Landscapes

Over 30 Years of Experience

South Florida landscapes have a unique set of requirements that when properly met, become the most vibrant and magical landscapes in the country. We have the secret and our experience is the Key to a healthy and beautiful garden.

100’s of Successful Projects

With All of the projects we do and all of the experience we have, we never stop learning and no two projects are the same. Thinking ‘outside the box’ makes way for opportunity to give you a unique and personal landscape.    

Licensed and Insured

Yes. We are fully Licensed and Insured and maintain a certified arborist as a part of the team.

Full Landscape Design Team

Our highly skilled design team customizes each project to fit your needs. Come build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Honest and Dependable

Our reputation is important to us. If you are just finding us online, call and make an appointment for that first consultation and see for yourself. We are here to fill your landscape needs and managing expectations has always been a strong suit of TurfTim Landscapes.

We Fight Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

A Percentage of the profits of every project is donated to help FIGHT this debilitating disease

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#1 in Customer Service

As an owner-operated company, we continue to stress service and customer satisfaction in every project. With TurfTim Landscapes you can be sure that you will get that small business personal touch, with the knowledge, know how, and resources of a large company, providing you with the best of both worlds. We strive to keep on top of the latest products and trends while remaining focused on our environmental responsibilities. Our goal is to grow one customer at a time.

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