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At TurfTim Landscape and Design, we specialize in creating sustainable outdoor spaces through innovative and eco-conscious design concepts and elements. The focus is on designing eye-catching architecture by cultivating native plants and implementing rare and unusual plants as focal points and accents— all to your exacting standards. Our designs typically include a mix of softscape, hardscape, and outdoor living spaces. Whatever your vision is, our experienced team of designers can bring it to life. We also offer maintenance services and treat your outdoor spaces like your indoor spaces.

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A Full Service Landscape Company

Have you been dreaming of transforming a lifeless and boring outside area into an eye-catching, livable outdoor space? At TurfTim, we offer an array of diverse designs that can remodel your outdoor space and transform your imagination into a reality. Whether you are looking for a fire pit and outdoor kitchen or a particular style of landscape, our professionals will take care of your every need. Having a TurfTim landscape professionally designed and installed can vastly improve the quality of life in and around your home. Call now and turn your dream into a reality.

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Landscape Design & Installation
Design & Installation

It is often hard to realize all the opportunities available in an outdoor space. Many homeowners spend years looking at the same old areas without realizing the potential their particular spaces hold. At TurfTim Landscape and Design, we pride ourself ...

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Garden Care & Estate Maintenance
Garden Care & Estate Maintenance

The landscape you poured time and resources into requires professional care to keep up its health and appeal. TurfTim Landscapes specializes in maintenance for even the most complex landscapes. Our teams will give you whatever level of service you desire; ...

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Heavy Prunning
Heavy Prunning

New growth and emerging flowers are the delicate parts of each plant that provide both natural beauty and contrast to the mature foliage. As hedges and trees are groomed and pruned, one should take care not to remove these delicate ...

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Pest Control & Fertilization
Pest Control & Fertilization

At TurfTim Landscapes, we take a proactive approach to the nutritional needs of the garden and to managing insects that damage the landscape. Our team offers a customized program for each property to keep it looking healthy, vibrant and weed ...

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landscape consultation

Not sure what to do with that space that never seems to do what you want it to? Need advice on what to do with that old pond or why the grass is thin and the landscape is dull and ...

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There are systems to follow to help mitigate damage to the landscape when a storm is approaching. At TurfTim Landscape and Design we are there to help. Our customers receive first priority after a storm with clean up and up-righting ...

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Why You Should Choose TurfTim Landscapes

Over 30 Years of Experience

South Florida landscapes have a unique set of requirements that when properly met, become the most vibrant and magical landscapes in the country. We have the secret and our experience is the Key to a healthy and beautiful garden.

100’s of Successful Projects

With All of the projects we do and all of the experience we have, we never stop learning and no two projects are the same. Thinking ‘outside the box’ makes way for opportunity to give you a unique and personal landscape.    

Licensed and Insured

Yes. We are fully Licensed and Insured and maintain a certified arborist as a part of the team.

Full Landscape Design Team

Our highly skilled design team customizes each project to fit your needs. Come build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Honest and Dependable

Our reputation is important to us. If you are just finding us online, call and make an appointment for that first consultation and see for yourself. We are here to fill your landscape needs and managing expectations has always been a strong suit of TurfTim Landscapes.

We Fight Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

A Percentage of the profits of every project is donated to help FIGHT this debilitating disease

#1 in Customer Service

As an owner-operated company, we continue to stress service and customer satisfaction in every project. With TurfTim Landscapes you can be sure that you will get that small business personal touch, with the knowledge, know how, and resources of a large company, providing you with the best of both worlds. We strive to keep on top of the latest products and trends while remaining focused on our environmental responsibilities. Our goal is to grow one customer at a time.

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Great ! Garden Designs and Maintenace

Landscape helped me transform my dated, patchwork front yard into an inviting Southern Garden!! Landscape architect Michael Gregory worked with me to bring my concept from design to reality – providing much appreciated guidance on what might have been a bad idea on my part

Louis Williams
Wonderful front yard transformation

Landscape helped me transform my dated, patchwork front yard into an inviting Southern Garden!! Landscape architect Michael Gregory worked with me to bring my concept from design to reality – providing much appreciated guidance on what might have been a bad idea on my part

Kirsten Rogers
Consumers Choice Award Winner for Best Landscape Contractor

The Consumers’ Choice Award was established to identify and promote business excellence. The award utilizes a unique survey that asks consumers to choose the best in their city. Leading independent research organizations are commissioned each year to conduct the survey. Year : 2008-2012


Complete Design and Installation 

The following are just a few trendy elements we can incorporate into your design:


These areas are often determined by the existing conditions, opportunities and constraints. The end of a long vista, the center of the space seen from a window or a seating area, and the blank space on a wall surrounded by windows and/or doors are all places you would find focal points and anchors. These elements are typically more mature pieces that demand the most attention and often set the tone for the rest of the landscape.


While benches, seating areas and hammocks are practical and enjoyable, having a landscaped path that leads your eye to these spaces creates a sense of relaxation and adventure for the viewer. These paths (viewports) can be balanced formally and symmetrically or informally and natural depending on client taste and the style of the architecture.


People gather around the areas that offer food and drink. Outdoor kitchens and firepits/fireplaces have soared in popularity in recent years for good reason. Food brings people together and firepits (used as tables in the warmer months) offer that soothing, almost hypnotic element people gravitate to.


Creating a group of small, intimate spaces that relate to each other and a circulation path that connects them is a challenge. Add to that a balance of open space and a contrast of plant textures and focal points and it is an art.

Why You Should Choose TurfTim Landscapes Services?

We are your “landscape extraordinaire”, one-stop-shop providing comprehensive services. Designing, Installing, and maintaining- something that every garden requires with regularity. The team at TurfTim Miami Landscape and Design has been delivering outdoor services for over 30 years and are committed to excellence.

Creative Designers

Currently, all designers have Master’s degrees in Landscape architecture and are some of the very best in the field. Expect to work with skilled professionals with cutting-edge tools and equipment, and to receive a well-planned strategy. 

Service Commitment

Our time in the field has led to thousands of trusted relationships with previous clients as well as all of our vendors. Miami’s Landscaping leader will get you the design of your dreams on time and within budget.

Range of Lawn Services 

Not only does an assigned account manager oversee your property but they are equipped with additional services from tree maintenance and minor sprinkler repair.

Who are we?

Tim McKernan has been involved in the landscaping industry since the early 70’s when his father started with a nursery called The Bamboo Jungle. In a very short time, the family business became a successful Landscape contractor in Miami and all over South Florida. Fast forward to the 2000’s and the company is rebranded as a leading landscape design firm and landscape contractor with credits all over Miami, Miami beach, Ocean Reef and throughout the Carribean. We are a Landscape company you can trust and are dedicated to providing customers with an amazing landscape experience. We strive to keep on top of the latest products and trends while remaining focused on our environmental responsibilities. Our goal is to grow one customer at a time.

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