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We Maintain Your Lawn and Prepare Superior Landscapes For You

If you have ever experienced a tornado or storm then you are well aware of its effect. Heavy storms can damage the beautiful look of your yard. You might have spent months giving a proper shape to your lawn but it will get destroyed within a blink of your eyes if any hurricane or storm hits your place. Therefore, it is important to make your outer space storm-proof. Turftim is all set to assist you. Whether you are planning to make your lawn storm-protected or want to reshape it after a hurricane attack, our storm prep and recovery team can reduce your stress. Read on and check how our professionals will help you so that you can sit freely in your garden with a cup of tea.

Storm Preparation

Our team has designed a lot of ways to make your garden unaffected from any kind of natural disaster. You just need to make a call to Turftim and we will do the following work for you –
Constructing a Swale

Constructing a swale is one of the most used and popular techniques by our architect. This helped a lot of our clients. After checking the space and structure of your landscape our team will prepare a plan for where a swale can be constructed. We will make sure to redirect the path of water at the proper place so that it wouldn’t create any problem to your neighbours. If required, our team will also suggest adding some deep-rooted plants for better safety.

Rain Garden

Preparing a rain garden will not only make your garden safe but also enhances overall beauty. We offer you a variety of plants that will protect your garden from heavy rainfalls by absorbing excess water. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to prepare a rain garden, one needs to have enough knowledge for this and our team is working with years of experience. Thus Turftim can make sure to provide the best for you.

Turftim professionals are working with cutting-edge technologies thus assure you to provide high-class solutions. We will plan diversion, heavy mulching, green roofing, draining driveways, and many more things as per your requirement.

Recovery Service

Our team will plan a thorough check for storm damage such as fallen trees, weak branches, limbs. Turftim will make a clear report of all these items so that it will be easier for you to share this information with your insurance carrier or landscape specialists.
We will provide you the service of tree removal, stones and leaves removal. It is more important to clean your garden so that the sun and wind can dry your place quickly.
Our team will also fix any kind of drainage issues at affordable rates so that it will be easier for your trees and plants to stay healthy.

The safety of your garden is our priority. What are you waiting for? Contact Turftim now for top-class Storm prep and Recovery Services.

When trees and shrubs are left unattended, storm damage from flying limbs and fallen trees become inevitable. We can assess your landscape and the storm threat to determine what course of action would be appropriate to minimize the risk of property damage and/or tree loss before a storm. Acting quickly after a storm can be the difference between saving and uprighting fallen trees and shrubs or having to cut them up and remove them completely. Heavy debris on the ground for any significant time can also cause loss to the grass or groundcover it is suffocating. The proper approach after the storm is to triage the site and tend to the items most in need and most deserving. Speed and preparedness are critical. It is best, however, to call before the storm is threatening if you want to ensure an appointment.