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Garden Care & Estate Maintenance - Turftim

Garden Care & Estate Maintenance

Garden Care & Estate Maintenance

Keep Your Lawn Beautiful and Alive 

Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years, someone beautifully defined the importance of garden and gardening in our life. By just planning and installing a garden will not work until it is maintained properly. A professional touch is always required to keep the beauty of the garden perfectly balanced. At Turftim we have a certified and experienced team for garden care and estate maintenance that will take care of and maintain your garden for years so that you can enjoy their precious moments happily. 

No matter what is the size of your garden, our garden care and estate maintenance team can execute it with different styles. You will also get a different lawn maintenance program with us such as – organic, hybrid, and traditional lawn maintenance. We can design your gardens with contemporary style also which is the current trend among many of our clients. We will care for your landscape with our consistent maintenance strategy. 

Our Lawn Maintenance Service includes – 


  • Lawn Mowing Services 

We can never think about haircuts without professionals the same happens when with lawn. It will always be beneficial to take help from experts. We will not only renovate and maintain your garden but also make your place alive. Our team picks top equipment which suits best to do proper care of your garden. We commit you to provide quick service for perfect trimming and edging of your garden so that you can enjoy your weekends without waiting more days. 

  • Renovation of Lawns

If you want to keep your lawn healthy for the complete year, call Turftim. Foreign grasses, foot traffic, unwanted weeds can damage the look of your garden and it is obvious to renovate it after some time. The members of our team are well trained to look and fix every dead spot of grasses, we will eliminate weeds from your garden and if required you will also get the plantation services from us. We will take care of several things on your lawn such as Aerating, dethatching, and leveling the floor. 

  • Sweeping and Watering the Lawn 

Sweeping and watering the laws come under the category of regular service. Along with this, you can also switch for complete bed maintenance which includes deep cleaning of your garden. In general, this is a service which generally is done 2-3 times in a year for the perfect maintenance of a garden. We work with cutting-edge technologies which provide the best solution for water irrigation problems. Hence, at Turftim, you can select any of the best and affordable water irrigation options for space. 

  • Seasonal Mulching 

Our offer of seasonal mulching and display comes with a variety of packages. Many of them include different types of seasonal flowers, stones, wood shaving, compost, seasonal grass, bark chips, etc. As per your requirement and contract, we offer this service twice or thrice a year. Seasonal mulching can offer a lot of benefits to your garden such as root insulation, water retention, and if done in springs it will keep the soil warmer in winter.