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Heavy Prunning - Turftim

Heavy Prunning

Heavy Prunning

It Is Time To Make Your Trees Healthy 

We know how much you love your trees and therefore we are providing high-quality services to make your trees live longer and healthier. It is not possible to do correct tree pruning on your own, you might hurt yourself or even your trees. At Turftim, we offer you all-season heavy pruning services at an affordable rate by our professionals. Along with a variety of packages, you will be glad to see our cosmetic tree service which is demanded by most of our customers. 

Stopping the overgrowth of trees is important and for this only trimming will not work. We recommend our clients try heavy pruning which includes cutting loose and diseased branches, treating weather-related damage, and proper structuring of trees. Trees present in a personal landscape require more care and attention than those present in a forest. Heavy pruning is required to completely acknowledge the overall health, growth, and aesthetics of a tree. 


Heavy Pruning Tree Services at TurfTim

Our services majorly include – 

  • Residential Pruning Services 

If your place is covered with lots of trees and plants then you very well understand the importance of pruning in your area. You will obviously want to provide a great look to every element present in your landscape. Your busy life schedule might not allow you to climb on a ladder and play with tools to give proper shape and care to your trees. If this is the case with you then we are just a call away. Contact us to make your plans and trees happier again. Our well-trained experts will ensure to provide the exact look that you want for your trees. You just need to explain it once and you will find all the work done in a very little time. Our clients call us because of our accurate and quick services and we believe that is all you want. 

  • Preparing Trees for Winter 

You might have heard that nature hardly requires any help from humans but this doesn’t fit with every environmental condition. In some weather conditions, it becomes important for trees to get helped by humans, especially when trees are preparing themselves for winter. Our team will make sure unhealthy branches are removed safely before any heavy storm hits your place. Proper pruning can trim and protect your trees from getting damaged in winter. 

  • Pruning Young Trees 

How much attention you are giving to your younger kid the same or even more is required to young trees. Strong structuring is required for the proper development and desired shape of a young tree. Trimming and giving shapes to limbs which are also called scaffold branches is the major part of a mature tree’s framework. If we give proper training to the trees in their growing stage then there will be very less requirement of heavy pruning when they become mature. Whether you have just grown some new plants or are planning to set up a new landscape, always remember Turftim at your service.