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Why Should TurfTim Landscapes maintain your yard?

We understand if you enjoy tackling the yard maintenance yourself every weekend. After all, we love doing it too. But if you prefer to have a professional company, do it for you, here are a few important factors to consider when choosing the right company and the frequency of services.
First of all, the vast majority of grasses used in South Florida should be cut at a minimum of two-week intervals while maintaining the proper blade length. Keeping it at the proper height allows the sun to soak in and make the base thick and lush while the regular mowing helps combat pests and weeds. TurfTim Landscapes uses mulching mowers that allow little pieces of the cut grass to break down and feed the root from the nutrients that were still in those blades of grass cutting.
The surrounding shrubs, hedges and trees should also be regularly pruned and shaped as they evolve into a more mature landscape. Pruning and shaping affects both the look and feel of the landscape as well as its overall health. Trees and shrubs allowed to get too big and dense will often shade-out lower growing plants and grasses. This is one of the many areas TurfTim Landscapes outshines their competitors. Being a design driven company and guided by a masters in landscape architecture, we take great measures to ensure that shrubs, trees and hedges are trimmed properly and our customers are notified promptly when trees are due for trimming.

lawn maintenance
We know plants and what their specific requirements are which is a critical factor when choosing a professional Landscape company. Many groundcovers and shrubs thrive more when left alone and allowed to cycle all by themselves while many others benefit more when they are cut back or pruned heavily during the summertime. Knowing what to trim and when will make all the difference.
With these factors in mind, it is important to note that the best-kept landscapes are a result of a strong collaboration between the owner and those in charge of maintaining that landscape. At TurfTim Landscapes, communication is key. An assigned account manager will perform quarterly property evaluations and keep the customer aware of issues that may need additional attention as the living garden evolves and matures. For example, some grasses may become thin as trees choke out the sunlight or the roots are eaten by pests. Your property evaluation will alert you to these issues and offer you solutions to resolve them. In the case cited previously, tree trimming or pest control service would be proposed to address the thinning grass.
Finally, we want you to know that beautiful landscapes are our passion. We want all of the properties maintained by TurfTim Landscapes to be head-turning masterpieces and for our customers to want to run barefoot through their lawns… whether at home or at work! Our goal is to make your landscape a source of enjoyment, all year long.
Give us a chance and you won’t be disappointed.